Just Go Outside

I saw this video a few days ago, and it cracked me up (and yes, I realize the irony of posting it on a blog). It seemed especially appropriate to share today, a postcard perfect Santa Barbara day.

I’m sitting behind my laptop at the local Panera, glad that I started work early this morning so I can get a quick mountain bike ride in this afternoon between meetings. I can’t wait to “just go outside”. I’m also looking forward to closing my laptop later today for those meetings with real live humans.

“Just go outside is not life-threatening. In fact, it may help you live longer.” Ha, I love it.

While the video is funny, it raises a serious issue.

I remember several months ago seeing a friend of mine being interviewed on TV about depression among teenagers. The interviewer told my friend that he had been a missionary in the most brutally impoverished parts of the world for many years, but had never once seen a case of depression in all those years. Why then, he asked, is depression so common here in the western world where we have so much affluence?

I thought my friend’s answer was brilliant.


And isolation.

Teenagers (and people in general) spend a ton of time staring at screens, isolated from others.

In the past, socializing has including being physically present with other people. Now people socialize via Facebook and Twitter, or by playing online video games in separate homes.

This sort of technological mediation inhibits relationships and basic social skills.

And it makes us depressed.

We’re not made to be alone. It’s a basic theological truth that is stunning when you think about it. From the beginning of the world, God said it was not good for a person to be alone.

Even in a world unstained by sin, there was one thing┬áthat was “not good”.

We’re made for interaction with other people. Technology is a wonderful tool for keeping in touch, but it cannot replace real human interaction.

So whether it’s go exercise or to meet up with a friend, make sure you “just go outside” today.



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